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flag-of-south-africaSituated at the tip of an ancient and intriguing continent, South Africa is a diverse land with unrivalled natural beauty. The majority of the South African landscape consists of plateaus (high, flat areas), covered with rolling grasslands (highveld) and plains dotted with trees (bushveld). To the east, west and south of the plateau is the Great Escarpment, a mountainous region. The eastern range of the Great Escarpment is called the Drakensberg (Dragon’s Mountain) and consists of many jagged peaks, some greater than 11,400 feet (3475 meters) high. In total, there are 19 national parks spread throughout South Africa, which serve to protect the infinite beauty of its lands.
Capital city: Cape Town Highest Point: Njesuthi (11,181ft / 3408m) Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean (0ft / 0m) Land Area: 468,909 sq. mi (1,214,470 sq. km) Water Area: 1784 sq. mi (4,620 sq. km) Total Area: 470,693 sq. mi (1,219,090 sq. km) Coastline: 1739 miles (2798 km) Bordering countries (6) Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe
Kalahari Desert

Kalahari Desert

For most people, the word desert conjures up images of huge expanses of dry sand with little or no vegetation and a very limited...
Three Rondavels

Three Rondavels

The Three Rondavels are an ancient geological wonder located in South Africa’s Blyde River Canyon region. The trio of portly peaks are shaped like...
Namib Desert

Namib Desert

Covering an area of 31,274 sq. mi (81,000 sq. km), the Namib is a coastal desert, situated along the south-western coast of the African...

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