flag-of-pakistanSituated in South Asia, Pakistan features a diverse and varied landscape, from the soaring mountains of the Karakoram range in the North to the flat Indus plain in the east, Balochistan plateau in the west, and the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea in the south. The most dramatic landscape is in the North, where K2 (28,250ft / 8611m), the second highest mountain in the world is located. Pakistan has declared 29 different protected areas/national parks around the country, the majority of which are in the north.
Capital city: Islamabad Highest Point: K2 (28,251ft / 8611m) Lowest Point: Indian Ocean (0ft / 0m) Land Area: 297,636 sq. mi (770,875 sq. km) Water Area: 9737 sq. mi (25,220 sq. km) Total Area: 307,373 sq. mi (796,095 sq. km) Coastline: 650 miles (1046 km) Bordering countries (4) Afghanistan, China, India, Iran
Thar Desert India

Thar Desert

The Thar Desert is the largest desert in India which is why it is also called the Great Indian Desert. The desert covers more...
Laila Peak

Laila Peak

Laila Peak is a 20,000ft (6096m) high mountain, part of the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. Well known for it’s beautiful, distinctive spear-like shape,...

K2 Mountain

K2 is the second highest mountain in the world, with a peak rising 28,251 feet (8611m) above sea level. Situated on the border of...