flag-of-switzerlandSwitzerland is a small, landlocked country in Western/Central Europe. Interestingly, it is the oldest neutral country in the world, and has not fought a foreign war since neutrality was officially established in 1815. With a total area of just 41,290 sq. km (15,942 sq. mi), Switzerland is just under half the size of Austria. The geography of Switzerland is notable for its great diversity. There are three main regions - the Alps, Jura, and the Plateau. The Alps (south) range covers nearly two thirds of Switzerland's total surface area, at an average altitude of 1700m (5576 ft). Within this region, there are 48 mountains measuring 4000m (13,120 ft.) or higher and approximately 1800 glaciers. The Jura (northwest) is a limestone range best described as a picturesque highland crossed by river valleys. It stretches from Lake Geneva to the Rhine, comprising twelve percent of Switzerland’s total area. Finally, the Plateau, which is home to most Swiss industry and farmland, is a densely populated area, covering thirty percent of Switzerland's land area.
Capital city: Bern Highest Point: Dufourspitze (15,203ft / 4634m) Lowest Point: Lake Maggiore (640ft / 195m) Land Area: 15,442 sq. mi (39,997 sq. km) Water Area: 494 sq. mi (1280 sq. km) Total Area: 15,937 sq. mi (41,277 sq. km) Coastline: None, landlocked. Bordering countries (5) Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany
Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park is unequalled in terms of the alpine scenery it offers across its 50mi (80km) of hiking paths and nature trails....
The Eiger

The Eiger

The Eiger stands at 13,025ft (3970m), forming part of the Bernese Alps Mountain range in Switzerland. An unusual mountain with an abundance of history;...
The Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

The mighty River Rhine passes through four countries as it flows from the Alps to the North Sea and it generates strong feelings of...
The Matterhorn

Matterhorn Mountain

Matterhorn Elevation & Location Matterhorn mountain is situated in the Pennine Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It is one of the most...