Katoomba Falls

Katoomba Falls is a gorgeous segmented waterfall situated within the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, Australia. It is one of many waterfalls in the Blue Mountains region, which is also home to Wentworth Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Gordon Falls to name but a few.

Walks around Katoomba Falls

There are many trails in the park, the most popular of which is the route to the bottom of the falls (1.7km/1.05mi) which takes approximately 45 minutes one way.

How to get to Katoomba Falls

Katoombe Falls Map
Katoombe Falls Map

The Katoomba Falls are on the southern outskirts of Katoomba town, which itself is about 2 hours west of Sydney (118km / 73mi) by car. To drive to Katoomba Falls from Sydney, simply follow the M4 Motorway towards Katoomba where you will be greeted with directional signs. Alternatively, there are regular bus and train services running from Sydney to Katoomba.

Where to stay near Katoomba Falls

There are a number of hotels, motels, inns, and even caravan parks in the Katoomba region, so you are sure to find something to match your taste/budget.





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