flag-of-omanOman is situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, in the Middle East. Covering a total area of 309,500 sq. km (119,499 sq. mi), it is comparable in size to the state of New Mexico. The land area is comprised of varying topographic features; the central desert plain accounts (82%), rugged mountains in the north and south (15%) and coastal plains (3%). There are no perennial rivers or lakes worthy of mention, whilst the countries highest point, Jabal Akhdar, reaches 9776 ft. (2980 m).
Capital city: Muscat Highest Point: Jabal Shams (9777ft / 2980m) Lowest Point: Arabian Sea (0ft / 0m) Land Area: 119,499 sq. mi (309,500 sq. km) Water Area: 0 sq. mi (0 sq. km) Total Area: 119,499 sq. mi (309,500 sq. km) Coastline: 1230 miles (2092 km) Bordering countries (3) Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen
Majlis al Jinn Cave

Majlis al Jinn Cave

Majlis al Jinn, which translates to “Meeting Place of the Spirits”, is one of the world's ten largest cave chambers. It is situated in...