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flag-of-argentinaArgentina can be found in the southernmost region of South America, bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Chile to the west, and Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast. It is the second largest country in the continent after Brazil, and in fact the eighth largest country in the world. Featuring a rather varied landscape, Argentina includes 5 main regions: rainforest in the north-east near the Brazilian border, the Andes mountain range along the Chilean border, the fertile grasslands of central Pampas, the swampy Chaco plain, and the lengthy plateau of Patagonia stretching to Tierra del Fuego.
Capital city: Buenos Aires Highest Point: Cerro Aconcagua (22,835ft / 6960m) Lowest Point: Laguna del Carbon (-344ft / -105m) Land Area: 1,056,642 sq. mi (2,736,690 sq. km) Water Area: 16,876 sq. mi (43,710 sq. km) Total Area: 1,073,518 sq. mi (2,780,400 sq. km) Coastline: 3100 miles (4989 km) Bordering countries (5) Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
Ordinary is not a word one would ever choose to describe the Argentinean landscape, with sizeable forests, large mountains valleys, and many cold-water lakes ever-present throughout the country. The country is also home to the tallest mountain in South America, Cerro Aconcagua (22,841ft / 6962m) which lies in the Andes range, as well as Iguazu Falls, one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls. Thirty national parks have now been established, ranging from Baritu National Park in the far north to Tierra del Fuego National Park in the far south.
Beagle Channel

Beagle Channel

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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

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Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert

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