Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon, located on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, is situated within Koke’e State Park. Known for its dramatic colors and towering peaks, some as high as 3,000 feet from the canyon floor, Waimea Canyon is a spectacle to behold. The lush tropical landscape is rich with varying shades of green that beautifully compliment the magnificent red color of the fertile volcanic soil. Layers within the walls of the canyon illustrate the various volcanic eruptions that have occurred throughout the centuries, contributing to the beauty of the canyon. There are 45 miles of hiking trails that meander through the canyon, with lookout points strategically placed to offer spectacular views of the ten-mile-long gorge.

Waimea Canyon Map
Waimea Canyon is to the top left








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  1. There is no information on getting to the Canyon or walking trails / roads. Can anyone shed any light on ease of access for me?

  2. This is a great site because it tells you a lot of information, I also like it because it is great for doing research projects. I would give this site a 5 star.

  3. I need more information. I need interesting facts or different geological processes and scales but instead all we’re getting are pictures. Sorry to be harsh about it but the pictures don’t make up for the loss of information.

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