flag_of_the_philippines-svgThe Philippines are a group of over 7000 islands in the Western Pacific Ocean. The islands are volcanic in origin and they are forested mountains. The Philippines is home to great biodiversity but also a relatively large human population.
Capital city: Manila Highest Point: Mount Apo 2,954 m (9,691 ft) Lowest Point: Galathea, Depth 10,540 m/34,580 ft Land Area: 298,170 km2, 115,120 sq mi Water Area: 1,830 km2, 711 sq mi Total Area: 300,000 km2, 115,831 sq mi Coastline: 36,289 km (22,549 mi)
Palawan Island

Palawan Island

Palawan Island is the largest island in the province of Palawan in the Philippines. It is a long island, the fifth largest in the...
Puerto Princesa Caves

Puerto Princesa Underground River

The underground caves stretch for more than 24km and they contain the last 9km of the Cabayugan River before it spills out into the...