Best Honeymoon Destinations

When it comes to holidays, there is nothing quite like a honeymoon. It is a chance for newly-weds to unwind from the stresses of the wedding, to really enjoy each other’s company and to create memories that will last a lifetime. This is the start of something wonderful and the whole honeymoon experience should represent holiday perfection.

The world is full of beautiful and exciting places just waiting to be explored in the future but, for the time being, such adventures can be put on hold. There will always be couples who prefer the razzmatazz of city destinations such as Las Vegas, Paris or London but our list has been selected by trying to concentrate on the rather ephemeral qualities of pure pleasure and romance. It will come as no surprise that paradise islands feature highly on our list as in many ways these destinations encapsulate all of the qualities required for an incredible and unforgettable honeymoon.

10. Honeymoon in Kenya

Kenya is a magical place and offers a range of experiences and accommodation.  Holidays in Kenya usually include a degree of activity because of the unmissable opportunities to see Kenya’s rich and varied wildlife. These days you don’t need to rough it on Safari – there are a huge number of accommodation options and most are suitably fancy for a Honeymoon! What about a 5-star tree house or a colonial tent with your butler? You can also mix your Safari in with some time on a beach where you can be as active or lazy as you like. When it comes to creating unforgettable memories, times spent under the African skies are hard to surpass. It may not suit those simply looking to do nothing but relax on a beach but what an incredible place for a honeymoon!

9. Honeymoon in Thailand

This wonderful Asian country is sometimes referred to as the “land of smiles” due to the warm welcome given to visitors. It is a country of outstanding natural beauty and the bustling city of Bangkok has attractions for all but many visitors prefer to stay on one of the country’s idyllic islands, such as Koh Lipe, where the pace of life changes down a gear allowing for all of the natural wonders to be enjoyed.  Thailand has some of the finest hotels in the world and they offer unbeatable value for money. This makes it a fantastic honeymoon destination as couples can experience a level of luxury that would simply be unaffordable anywhere else.  There is just one warning though which is that this country is so beguiling that visitors tend to return again and again.

8. Honeymoon in Hawaii

It may be a US state but the Hawaiian Islands are like no other place on earth. These mighty volcanic islands in the Central Pacific Ocean are simply awe-inspiring. This is a place where there is always plenty going and a huge range of things to do and see – surfing, mountain hikes, diving, volcanoes, Pearl Harbour, submarine trips, cruises, waterfall and the list goes on. It is a good choice for more active couples but honeymooners can choose to stay at one of the quieter resorts and just relax on the fantastic beaches and enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Hawiians.

Honeymoon in Hawaii?
Honeymoon in Hawaii?

7. Honeymoon in Fiji

Moving to the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a very popular honeymoon destination. With champagne coloured beaches, palm trees and a tropical hinterland it certainly qualifies as an island paradise. The tourist industry even provides complete wedding packages such as those offered on Tokoriki Island and Liku Liku Lagoon Resort. Similarly to Hawii, Fiji offers a range of activities but it is smaller and more beach centric.

6. Honeymoon in Saint Lucia

Continuing with the island theme, the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia has long been a honeymoon favourite. With white beaches, tropical rainforest and volcanic mountains this destination certainly deserves its popularity. Saint Lucia even features a drive-in volcano! Complete wedding packages are offered and what could be more unforgettable than a West Indian themed wedding with the wedding march being played on steel drums!

5. Honeymoon in Anguilla

The island of Anguilla, also in the Caribbean, is officially described as a British Protectorate but it attracts visitors from around the world. It is a tiny island and it is possible to visit all of the beaches (all open to the public) by cycle. The beaches regularly appear in lists of the world’s best. It is possibly one of the most unspoilt islands in the Caribbean. Honeymooners are always welcomed and some of the island’s resorts even offer fully inclusive honeymoon packages helping to make the honeymoon even more stress-free.

Anguilla Honeymoon
Anguilla Honeymoon

4. Honeymoon in Bali

Indonesia has no shortage of beautiful islands but Bali is one of its most famous. With active volcanoes, pristine beaches and a rich cultural heritage, there is always lots to do but it is perhaps better known for its sense of romance and relaxation making it a prime destination for honeymooners.

3. Honeymoon in Mauritius

Any search for an island paradise must include the Indian Ocean and Mauritius is indeed a beautiful land. It has even been suggested that this was the prototype on which Heaven was based. A famous quote reads, “Mauritius was made first and then Heaven, and Heaven was copied after Mauritius”. Mauritius is famous for the number and quality of its beaches but it also has an interesting interior with mountains, waterfalls and pools. There are two UNESCO world heritage sites which document the history of slavery on Mauritius. There are also two natural spectacles of note, the underwater waterfall just of Le Morne and the seven coloured earths at Chamarel. It is therefore an undisputed island paradise and a great place for a honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Lemorne Mauritius
Honeymoon in Lemorne Mauritius

2. Honeymoon in Seychelles

Another wonderful Indian Ocean destination, the Seychelles (or Paradise Isalnds) are a group of around 115 small islands noted for outstanding white beaches and turquoise seas. The larger islands are granitic with the smaller low-lying islands being of coral. There are plenty of atolls and reefs for snorkelers and divers along but the islands tropical rainforest offer an interesting contrast. forThe Seychelles offers some wonderful resorts in unspoilt surroundings and the islands are very popular for honeymoons.

1. Honeymoon in Maldives

Perhaps predictably, the small island group of the Maldives takes our number one spot. These are tiny coral islands which barely reach above sea level. Getting around usually necessitates the use of speedboats or seaplanes and there can be no other destination which caters for its visitors quite as well as the Maldives. Some of the very small normally uninhabited islands have even been developed especially to provide tourist accommodation. This is a place where it is possible to rent an island! The coral reefs and sheltered lagoons are simply stunning and much of the visitor accommodation is built on stilts above the lagoons. Breath-taking beauty and a sense of serene calm make this an ideal honeymoon destination. You can choose a tiny island with nothing to do but relax on the beach or snorkel or a larger resort with lots of activities and restaurants to choose from. Everything is based around the beach and sea with no cities or inland areas to visit other than the capital city of Male.

Honeymoon in the Maldives
Honeymoon in the Maldives

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