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Taking the kids on vacation is an enriching experience creating memories to last a lifetime. Moments to cherish forever; playing on the beach in front of a crystal clear turquoise ocean, pristine white sands, and strolling back to a perfect all-inclusive, perched meters from the sand. It’s the stuff of dreams.

However, vacationing with your youngsters can be extremely tiring; you don’t need us to tell you if you’ve been on vacation with kids. Change of routine, long flights, car journeys, checking in and out of hotels, not to mention unfamiliar beds and time zone changes. They all play havoc with our kids.

But, did you know there are outstanding locations across the globe, with resorts catering specifically to you and your youngsters? Whatsmore, many are located only an hour or two flight from mainland US. Let’s discover some of the most interesting kid-friendly beach resort destinations for your next vacation.

1. Jamaica


What comes to mind when you picture Jamaica? White sand beaches, pristine azure waters, unique culture, perfect weather? Yep, that’s Jamaica. The island also showcases excellent family-friendly beach resorts, creating a recipe for the family vacation of a lifetime.

Beaches have two resorts in Jamaica, one along the pristine white sands of Negril, the other at Ocho Rives. Two stunning locations that serve as the perfect base to explore Jamaica’s stunning natural beauty. The resort has all the amenities you wish for, with large comfortable rooms, pools, restaurants, and activities to keep everyone entertained.

So whether you’re planning a Jamaican beach wedding at a resort or taking the kids on a memorable family vacation, the island of Jamaica will combine to make it happen.

2. The Maldives

Think of paradise and the Maldives likely spring to mind. And for good reason. The Maldives and “dream vacation” are synonymous, with the Indian Ocean islands atop many a bucket list. With some of the best resorts on the planet and untouched reefs and waters, the Maldives may be the ideal family vacation spot.

The clear waters of the Maldives
The clear waters of the Maldives

With some of the cleanest and most pristine coral reefs and waters on the planet and hundreds of islands from which you can enjoy all its spoils, the Maldives is a tough destination to beat. The Finhola Baa Atoll Maldives is an outstanding family resort in the middle of a UNESCO world heritage site.

The resort combines luxury and desert island escape perfectly and is one of the most luxurious resorts in the entire island chain. Surrounded by white sands and calm baby blue waters, the resort has a spa, fitness center, and every amenity you could ever want with pools, restaurants, and clean, comfortable rooms.

3. Fiji

Fiji‘s association with paradise is no mistake; the South Pacific islands are the perfect getaway. And due to their location hundreds of miles from any major landmass, they remain pristine and relatively untouched.

Tavarua Island sits only miles off the mainland. A heart-shaped island, we’re not joking, surrounded by a ribbon of perfect golden sand. The waters are home to some of the liveliest coral reefs and most transparent waters in the world. The resort is popular among surfers coming to enjoy the area’s world-class waves. The resort is the perfect escape destination for you and the family, and just a short boat ride away from Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu.

4. The Bahamas

For something a little closer to home, The Bahamas have long been a popular destination for families and vacationers from the mainland US. Nothing connotes perfection like the Bahamas, and there’s a reason why many celebrities and the world’s wealthiest people purchase property and make a base here.

The Bahamas
The Bahamas

An exciting Bahamas yacht charter experience offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore this paradisical chain of islands strewn through baby blue warm, tranquil waters in the Caribbean sea. And with the kids, you can fly here on a short flight from most major cities in the eastern United States.

5.Turks & Caicos

Only an hour on the plane from Miami, the 40 islands making up Turks & Caicos are stunning picture-perfect islands dotted across the Caribbean sea. When you think of the quintessential Caribbean destination, Turks & Caicos is precisely that.

Turks and Caicos Beach
Turks and Caicos Beach

Surrounded by tranquil, pristine waters, the islands are scarcely populated. Even the largest resorts are peaceful and largely people-free. In fact, there are more flamingos than people here. The Beaches, all-inclusive on Turks & Caicos, provide a safe, clean, and stress-free base to explore all these picture-perfect islands have to offer.

A Family Vacation to Remember

Family vacations are to be cherished forever. And so it should be nothing short of outstanding, stress-free, and memorable. However, you need the location and perfect resort to make it happen. For the best all-inclusive resorts throughout the Caribbean, discover how Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and the Turks & Caicos can help make your dream family vacation happen. We hope this list of excellent kid-friendly beach resorts has inspired you to plan a holiday of a lifetime.

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