Every day, companies take advantage of excited travelers like you. They hide the best deals beneath the surface of overpriced accommodations and off-the-wall airplane prices. You must dig deeper to avoid overpaying for your vacation.

Let’s bring you closer to the snowy peaks and the sandy beaches by looking at six tips and tricks that make traveling much more affordable.

#6 Weekdays are the best days

Most people book their flights and accommodations between Friday and Monday. Companies are aware of that – that’s when they show the highest prices.

Looking for midweek tickets could be a game-changer. It doesn’t matter if you want to travel by bus, train, or even a trans-continental flight. The exact same applies to hotel rooms and holiday apartments. Tuesday and Wednesday often have the best deals, so consider this before you book anything.

#5 Alternative accommodation

Hotels are far from the only accommodation option these days. A lot of cheap alternatives are worth exploring.

Volunteering has become a popular way to extend your travels in recent years. Websites like WorkAway or WorldPackers can put you in contact with thousands of different hosts. You get exclusive advantages like free lodging and sometimes even a few meals in exchange for a few hours of helping out. It’s also an excellent way to meet locals and learn new skills.

Another alternative is house-sitting. It involves taking care of people’s homes and pets while they’re away. House or pet-sitting is a great option if you’re a dog or a cat person who would like to stay for free in a brand-new city.

#4 Use a VPN

This one is an absolute must. Using a VPN to get cheaper flights is a huge asset for two reasons.

The first one is privacy. When websites know what you’re looking for, they regularly bump their prices. If they know you’re planning a Caribbean break, prices will increase whenever you look for deals in the region.

Don’t let companies know about your travel intentions – at least not until you’re ready to buy. VPNs hide your IP address to stop companies from seeing you as a returning visitor and targeting you with the worst possible prices.

And that’s not all. Premium VPNs go much further in your search for bargains. You get to search different international markets too.

The price of a ticket for an American will vary compared to somebody from France, Brazil, or Morocco. VPNs allow you to choose a different IP location and appear as someone from another country. This way, you can browse foreign markets for the best deal and avoid paying extra just because you live in a relatively well-off country. As a bonus tip, consider using passive income apps like Honeygain with your VPN. Honeygain allows you to earn money passively by sharing your internet bandwidth with others, which can help offset the cost of your travel expenses. It’s a smart way to save some extra cash before your next adventure.

#3 Don’t underestimate the off-season

Most people rush to book their holidays during the summer, so it’s usually the most expensive time to go anywhere. The good news is that leaves the remaining 9 months of the year as the cheapest.

Remember, an entire hemisphere on the other side pulls out their bikinis while you’re in a raincoat. Not to mention tropical destinations, which have entirely different climates as well.

Asking your boss for a vacation in autumn or winter might be a great and cheap solution. Your company may even be grateful as they will miss fewer staff members during July and August.

#2 Pack smart

Let’s face it – many vacations don’t require a heavy suitcase. Traveling with a carry-on backpack can save you hundreds on airfare. The trick is to find out if you can access laundry once you reach your destination. That’s really the only issue.

Sure, you might be stuck for options at some point, so pack your favorite climate-appropriate clothes.

Unless you go somewhere cold, the chances are you’ll be able to pack light and hop on board for surprisingly cheap rates.

#1 Not all airports are created equal

Cancun airport is cheaper than Mexico City. So if you’re planning a tour of Mexico, you might be better off starting down south. And it’s not just Mexico – it happens all over the world.

Are the flights to Barcelona a bit too expensive? Check out the neighboring airport of Girona, just an hour’s bus ride away. That’s right – you’re flying to the same place but at a very different price.

The best way to discover such alternatives is by using flight comparing websites like Skyscanner or Google Flights. The first one allows you to search by city or country instead of just airports. Google Flights, on the other hand, will suggest all the different airports near a city when you search for it.

Where are you traveling to next? We hope these tips will bring you a little bit closer.

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