Even if you drive during the rush hour, the journey from Fort Lauderdale to Miami by car will take you no more than an hour. The main question that can arise is how far is Miami from Fort Lauderdale. The distance between these 2 destinations is approximately 30 miles. But if you want to make your journey more alluring, include several stops in your trip. Use our short guide planner to enliven your drive.

Highways Leading from Lauderdale to Miami: Which One to Choose?

There exist 3 different routes that you can opt for while traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Miami:

Interstate 95 (I-95)

It is the easiest and fastest way to get from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. But at the same time I-95 is the busiest and thus the most dangerous roadway in the area. The intercity highway connects practically the entire East Coast of the USA. It links the major cities of the Eastern coastline including Miami, Florence, Richmond, Washington, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, and Portsmouth.

Florida’s Turnpike

The turnpike road lies parallel to I-95 several miles west from it. Further on, both routes overlap not far from Miami Gardens.

Atlantic 1 Alternate (A1A)

Choose A1A if your aim is not to get to the place as fast as possible, but to enjoy the fascinating tropical and subtropical scenery. A1A runs along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. The highway is closely associated with Florida Beach Culture. The way from Lauderdale to Miami will be a bit longer by A1A. But it is really worth it! The road runs along a couple of the most renowned beaches of Hollywood, such as Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach, Surfside, and, surely, Miami Beach.

A tip for a trip. Regardless of the roadway you chose, bear in mind two key points. The first one is navigation. Before leaving don’t forget to download your preferred GPS navigation app on your phone. The program will help you to look around in an unknown place. The second important thing is car hire. Find a reliable company with fair prices, an up-to-date fleet, and a diverse choice of automobiles. Fort Lauderdale ace car rental is one of them. Foreign tourists can apply for the services of Ace car rental at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Choose online booking at Ace-rent-a-car service. It is much safer and more money-saving than on-spot hire. Read this article to become more proficient in the matter.

The Top Stops Along the Way

While making up your trip planner, do not forget to think over the locations to stop along your way. An approximate itinerary plan might look as follows:

Set off on a journey in Fort Lauderdale. Drive for 10-15 minutes.

Dania Beach. Dania Beach is an atmospheric small town with an exceptional beach and Pier. It offers dining opportunities right on the water. The “15th Street Eatery” is one of such establishments. It is a legendary waterfront restaurant that serves the freshest seafood from grilled salmon to shrimp pasta.

Ancient Spanish Monastery. Make a short 1-hour detour to the Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux built in the 12th century. It is a nice example of Medieval architecture with a fairytale greenery surrounding it. The Monastery offers a great variety of activities, worship, services, concerts, and tours. Click here to learn more about hours of operation and admission prices. A drive to the next destination will take you about 8-10 minutes.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. Make a stop and dive into the supernatural world of modern fine art. Wander around the galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. The permanent collection includes 500 bizarre showpieces of local and international artists. Plus, the gallery constantly organizes events, such as art workshops, musical performances, and evenings of conversations. Use this info to plan your visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. You can stay here for an hour or even more. After the art refueling jump into your car and continue the trip.

Buena Vista Deli. Refresh yourself in a traditional French café with classical décor, a lovely terrace, and true French cuisine.

Arrival in Miami. After a 3-4-hour drive interrupted by short detours, you’ll reach your destination. Here you’ll need to find proper accommodation. One of the best variants is Fontainebleau Resort. It is a hotel number one in Miami Beach with luxurious suits, striking design, up-to-date technologies, and the best service ever.

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