Miami is known as a sun-soaked place of culture and vibrant evening coastlines. It is a favorite destination for most tourists traveling around the globe. From things to do on or by the water, sunset beach evenings, cruise ships and wildlife, Miami has it all.

This article looks at the diverse and interesting Miami experiences available.

Exploring Miami’s Stunning Beaches and Water Activities

South Pointe Beach in Miami is one of the most popular beaches for many good reasons. Located close to downtown Miami, South Pointe extends five blocks from 22nd Street South to South Pointe park, a small peninsula offering panoramic views of downtown Miami and the harbor.

With clear, soft, sandy beaches and a strong surf, South Pointe Beach is very much a surfers paradise and is a haven for swimmers and surfers alike,  whether seasoned boarders or those trying to catch their first wave.

South Pointe Beach is the place to be for anyone into their watersports because aside from surfing, there is jet-skiing, parasailing, paddle-boarding and so much more.

Sunset Delights: Experiencing the Magic of Miami’s Evenings

Miami exudes an air of magic for all that visit and once the sun goes down, Miami shines with beautiful vistas and serene places where you can enjoy them.

Visitors will be awestruck at the sunset from South Pointe Park Pier or along Ocean drive, where the pastel-coloured city lights have an iridescent sparkle. The choice is yours. Whether you want to have a beachside dinner, picnic under the stars or just take an evening stroll in the Miami moonlight.

Speed and Adventure: Exploring Miami’s Thrilling Activities

After decades of ceding the city to moviemakers, the location scouts of Miami have made the city something of a cult destination for tourists from around the world.

Miami’s allure for adrenaline junkies is ensured by the Miami Speedway where those with a need for speed can hop into a race car and motor round the track.

In addition, multiple operators offer speedboat rides around Biscayne Bay, as well as parasailing over the Atlantic, and even kiteboarding among the choppy waves in Crandon Park – there really is something for everyone, even the seasoned daredevils among you.

Luxury and Leisure: Experiencing Miami’s Exclusive Waterfront Offerings

Miami is an ideal location for both luxurious indulgence and leisure. Miami’s waterfront offers numerous exclusive activities, with yacht charters being one of the most popular amongst tourists and those looking for a special day out.

Whether you want to try a private fishing charter, or maybe maybe chartering a luxury yacht with your very own waiting staff is more your style – the possibilities are endless.

Adjacent to the yacht charters, the bayfront offers some of the ritziest restaurants and clubs in town, where you can sit and relax after a day on the water.

Cruising the Waters: Miami’s Unique Boat Tours

Cruising the waterways of Miami, with its unique perspectives on this colorful metropolis, is a great way to see the city and all its interesting sights.

Boat tour options in Miami are varied and exciting and many include sightseeing and narrated cruises, as well as privately chartered luxurious boats you can enjoy with family and friends.

Boat tours give tourists the chance to pass by the city’s most famous landmarks, including the Art Deco Historic District and Star Island – some even come complete with a professional guide on board, sharing fun stories, facts and historical highlights during each cruise.

Manatee Spotting and Wildlife Tours: Miami’s Natural Wonders

No trip to Miami is complete without peeling back its layers of steel and concrete and slipping into the ocean’s grip of sun and starfish.

If you decide on a manatee-watching trip you are literally nose-to-nose with these gentle giants of the water.

Miami offers heaps of opportunities for nature lovers including wildlife and birdwatching tours, dolphin watching and the chance to encounter the ecosystems of the saltwater mangroves and coral reefs.

Miami’s ecotourism sits in stark contrast to urban areas elsewhere. Other tours involving excursions into nature include views of exotic birds, dolphins and, if you’re lucky, crocs.


Miami is a unique tapestry of nature, luxury and excitement, all mingled and woven together into a phenomenal experience.

It’s sunshine that draws the sun­bathers to Miami, but it’s the city’s art, culture and style that’s real sustenance. Some of the best things to do in Miami relate to the beach.

With some of the prettiest white sand and clear blue sea in the US, blessed with a near-perfect climate and with views to infinity, across rows of bluewater that melt into the horizon. Throw in the gritty, avant-garde art, design and culinary scenes; the preponderance of mesmerizing neighborhoods; and you’ll soon come to realize that Miami is a city like no other.

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