Coming up with a list of the most beautiful places in Spain is not easy. It’s an endlessly surprising destination, home to some of the world’s most gorgeous destinations, awash with different styles of architecture, rich history, stunning coastlines, vast landscapes, and pretty historic towns. If you need help deciding where to go, we’ve rounded up a list of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain, from Menorca to Ibiza and beyond.


If you want to visit a stunning Mediterranean island on your holiday in Spain, Menorca might be the perfect place. Along with Ibiza and Mallorca, it’s part of the Balearic Islands, home to idyllic beaches and charming seaside towns.

The beaches alone are enough reason to visit Menorca. It has over a hundred beaches featuring fine white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters that could rival the Caribbean. If you only have time to visit one, choose Cala Macarella, a small cove of fine white sands surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush pine forests.

Nature lovers will have another reason to visit Menorca. The island is a Biosphere Reserve, which means its ecosystem is fully protected. Throughout the island, you’ll find several Areas of Special Interest, such as the Albufera des Grau Natural Park. It’s a vast area occupying 5,000 hectares of land with olive forests, ponds, dune systems, and coastal islets.

If you love exploring picturesque towns, Menorca will be perfect. The island’s gorgeous coastline is home to seaside towns you’ll enjoy exploring on foot. Perched on a cliff, Mahon, the capital, is one of the loveliest towns on the island. You’ll love getting lost in its beautiful cobblestone streets leading to charming plazas with impressive buildings from the 18th century.


As the largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca will have endless things to offer for visitors. Whatever you search for in a holiday, you’ll find it in Mallorca. Aside from the numerous things to see and do, you will find some amazing villa rentals in Mallorca, perfect for those looking to stay here for a relaxing holiday in Spain.

While Mallorca is best known for its beautiful beaches, it has jaw-dropping natural landscapes to delight nature lovers. It boasts dreamy shades of blue and several miles of lush greenery, which you can best admire on a scenic hike. Some trails take you to breathtaking views of vineyards, orange groves, and dense forests, while others take you to secluded beaches, perfect for taking a refreshing dip away from the tourist crowds.

If you want to relax and spend your day lounging at the beach, there are over 200 beaches to choose from! Of these, the Alcudia Beach is the most popular. It boasts a long stretch of white sand with clear water, perfect for swimming. Since the beach is well-equipped, it’s also a safe and comfortable place for families to hang out.

Take the time to explore Mallorca’s top attractions, with many of them in Palma, the island’s capital. Check out the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the beautiful park across it called Parc de la Mar.


As the most popular place in the Canary Islands, Tenerife is another fantastic destination for a relaxing beach getaway in Spain. It offers everything holidaymakers seek – stunning beaches, cultural attractions, natural sights, and charming old towns.

Tenerife is renowned for having the most beautiful beaches in the Canary Islands. While others have a lively atmosphere, luring partygoers, some are quieter and more secluded. The best beaches in Tenerife are Playa de los Gigantes, Playa de la Tejita, Playa las Vistas, and Playa del Camisón.

Take the time to go sightseeing in Tenerife to check out its cultural attractions, like the Santiago Calatrava Auditorium. It’s an arts venue and one of the finest in the region. You’ll love its modern architecture with an arch roof that looks even more magnificent at night when illuminated.

The charming old town of La Laguna is a joy to explore. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s home to beautiful churches and other historic buildings that will take you back in time.


Ibiza is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations for good reasons. The Balearic Island may be relatively small, but it’s packed with incredible sights to explore and fun things to do. Best of all, you will discover plenty of luxury villas in Ibiza, perfect for those who want to splash out on a lavish break in Spain.

If you’re here for the usual partying, check out the lively resort towns of San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa, where you will find most of the island’s best bars and clubs. But if you prefer somewhere quieter to relax, head to Cala Jondal beach in San José. Aside from its breathtaking views, it has crystal-clear waters, perfect for a refreshing dip.

A stroll through Ibiza Town is a must for every visitor on the island. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the town has cobblestone streets taking you to the walled fortress, lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Check out Dalt Vila, a historic area with beautiful ancient buildings.

Gran Canaria

Shaped like a tiny ball, Gran Canaria is one of the islands that make up the Canary Islands.

Boasting diverse landscapes and stunning coastlines, one cannot resist but be in awe at the island’s magnificent terrain. Despite being only 50 kilometres long, it packs a punch, providing everything a holidaymaker seeks.

One thing that makes Gran Canaria stand out is its protected nature reserve known as Maspalomas. The vast dunes occupy an area of a thousand acres, transporting you straight to the Sahara Desert. It’s located on the island’s south coast and is one of those attractions you shouldn’t miss while on a holiday to Gran Canaria.

The stunning beaches are another reason many would come to Gran Canaria. It boasts numerous sandy beaches with azure waters, perfect for swimming and enjoying water sports. The best beaches to visit are Playa des Ingles, Las Canteras, and Puerto Rico. Those seeking quieter beaches away from the crowd should check out Montana de Arena or Pacito Bea.

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