Famously known as the second largest country in land size, Canada is one of those countries whose central land area is bare forest. Perhaps, this is one of the country’s beauties: its wide expanse of land area and nature are alluring enough to draw any traveler in. From mountaineering to hiking to swimming to having a picnic, there’s nothing you cannot do here, especially if you are a fan of the outdoors.

Asides from its natural wonders, you can also explore its unique cultural and historical wonders. There are many cities with rich wine, music, and food. There are also elegant architectural designs, East Asian culture chops, and neo-gothic public buildings from coast to coast. We know it can be daunting to choose your next destination. Still, according to Michelle H. Thomas, a guest expert on Canadian travel and an iGaming expert, here are five places to visit in Canada, whether you are an experienced traveler or a first-time visitor. 

1. Canadian Rockies in Alberta

One of the best places to go during winter is the Canadian Rockies. These mountains, which are snow-capped and span the British-Alberta border, are a sight to behold. There are also several lakes around, which during the winter, take several temperature dips— mostly about -30°C— allowing for a methane production that takes on idyllic landscapes. 

The result is a rock-hard frozen lake with a gorgeous ethereal sight that allows you to play online casinos while traveling. You can take a train and explore the grandeur of Canada from your seat to get a different view while playing casino online.

2. Vancouver

Converge nature’s best with food, and you get Vancouver; it’s simply the best of both worlds. Presently rated as one of the best cities to live in, Vancouver is one of the biggest food hotspots. Nature lovers will appreciate the back-to-back skiable mountains, beaches that line its coasts, and its thick rainforest.

Outdoorsy lovers will enjoy the weather as it has the mildest climate in Canada. There are also various fine dining selections, especially seafood and sea spots. Remember to play online casino games while traveling and trying new dishes. Finally, travel through the neighborhood, and you may stumble into some Hollywood high-profile celebrities — it’s not called the Hollywood Of The North for nothing!

3. Ski in Whistler

A former Olympic venue, Whistler is one of the best and most equipped ski resorts to travel in Canada. Named Whistler because of the whistle-like sounds made by the marmots native to the city, it’s also the largest and most important ski destination in North America. With over 200 marked runs towering down the mountains, Whistler is a paradise for skiers.

Nonetheless, there are other things to do here, such as biking — making this place a preloved spot for locals and visitors alike. To add to the diversity pot, Whistler recently developed a thriving culture and arts scene as many museums, such as the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre and Audain Art Museums, have taken the forefront in being equally appealing tourist attractions.

4. Visit a Land-Based Casino

Physical casinos come with a certain appeal and have served as veritable tourist centers and a means of entertainment for many people. In fact, many people take a deliberate trip to visit land-based gambling establishments. This is known as casino-tourism. Some top casinos you can visit in Canada include; Casino Niagara (located in Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls Ontario), Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino (located in Riverside Windsor, Ontario), River Rock Casino Resort (sited in Richmond, British Columbia), and Casino De Montreal (located in the banks of Notre Dam, Montreal, Quebec).

The desire to visit casinos arise from the fact that most of them are huge architectural accomplishments boasting awesome designs. Also, gambling houses offer glitz, glamor, music, color, and seamless sounds. These are great attractions to many people. Tourists in Canada will find many casinos that meet these tourism and entertainment requirements. Tourists from all over the world are interested in the question, what are the 10 largest land based casinos in Canada? Of course, there are Niagara, Hard Rock, River Rock, Rama resort and many others.

5. Jazz Festivals in Montréal

Montreal is the second largest city in the country and the heart of its culture. It is no surprise that this city is the hub for Jazz lovers. Watch Jazz musicians such as Prince, BB King, and others take center stage and dazzle equally Jazz-dazed audience spectators at its festivals. 

There are over 500 Jazz performances to enjoy, with countless of them being equally accessible. Not a Jazz fan? Montréal still has something for you! Join thousands of others to listen to opera, indie, folk, and classical performances around the city, both on a live stage or as prerecorded.

6. Explore Polar Bears in Churchill

One of the minorly populated places in Canada, Churchill is renowned for its most famous inhabitants, the Polar Bears. It’s renamed the “Polar Bear Capital Of The World.” Asides from polar bears, you can also view the beluga whales, Aurora Borealis, and birds. Schedule your visiting time for November or December because that’s the time the polar bears migrate to the shores as they hunt for food.

Not to worry, there are protocols and security in place to ensure the safety of everyone. Churchill is also nicknamed the “Birdwatcher Paradise.” Several bird lovers visit this city every year to catch a glimpse of several species of birds — Gyrfalcons, Snowy owls, Tundra Owls; you name it! It also presents an opportunity to view the enchanting Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights.


With so many places to explore, it’s no wonder Canada topped the tourism department. Follow our recommendations, and you are well on to planning your first or umpteenth trip down north. Happy travels!

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