Following retirement, individuals often seek serene, enjoyable, and cost-effective locales to settle down permanently. Offering a blend of affordability and leisure, Spain emerges as a prime destination for retirees worldwide, boasting coastal cities and towns. Situated in the Mediterranean region, the country enjoys mild climates year-round, complemented by vibrant festivities, and a rich culinary culture. Hence, for those contemplating overseas retirement options, Spain stands out. Here, we unveil the top cities and towns within Spain, beckoning older adults to embrace a relaxed lifestyle amidst a scenic, balmy ambience, where they can tailor their activities to suit their golden years’ pace and preferences.

The Costa del Azahar

Exploring the lesser-visited Costa del Azahar, affectionately known as the Orange Blossom Coast, nestled in Castellón province, unveils 120 kilometers of scenic sandy shores and secluded inlets. Perfect for retirees eyeing Spanish beachfront living, conveniently located an hour’s drive from Valencia, this sunny stretch boasts Spain’s top-notch climate and hospitably embraces English-speaking expats, providing a budget-friendly option for people to retire in Spain.

In contrast to the bustling Costa del Sol, peace is guaranteed even in the capital. Notable towns include Benicarló, Peñíscola, Torreblanca, La Llosa, Benicasim, and Oropesa. Alternatively, Valencia, Spain, offers an appealing urban retirement option nearby. 


As per research conducted by a prominent British real estate firm, Madrid emerges as a top choice for Spanish residency owing to its exceptional quality of life. Madrid beckons those seeking a break from the coast, offering superb transportation, a vibrant cultural milieu, and a substantial English-speaking community, ensuring ample activities. Moreover, the city boasts a remarkable life expectancy of nearly 84, making it one of Spain’s longevity hubs, with retirees enjoying an average span of 22 years, the second longest in Europe. Additionally, Madrid maintains an impressive safety record, positioning itself near the summit of Spain’s best retirement destinations. 


Nestled on the picturesque Lanzarote, a gem among Spain’s islands, Teguise, dubbed “Breezy Teguise,” emerges as a prime retirement destination. With four stunning beaches—Playa Bastian, Playa del Jablillo, Playa de los Charcos, and Playa de las Cucharas—plus an array of delectable dining spots, it epitomizes Spanish charm. Just a short 15-minute drive from the airport, accessibility is a breeze, complemented by a vibrant expat scene. Its level terrain caters to cyclists and accommodates disabled retirees seamlessly. Offering a blend of luxury and affordability, Teguise beckons retirees with its flatness, community spirit, and budget-friendly living.


Situated amidst the mountains, Mijas exudes the quintessential charm of an Andalusian village. Its coastline is adorned with picturesque beaches, offering travelers a captivating immersion into Andalusian culture.

Characterized by its whitewashed architecture and mild climate, Mijas stands out as a gem among Spain’s destinations, promising post-retirement enjoyment. The interplay of white buildings against lush greenery affords visitors breathtaking vistas, making Mijas a top pick among Spain’s white towns.

It Ideal for retirees due to its semi-tropical climate, diverse recreational opportunities, and vibrant expatriate community.


With approximately 370,000 inhabitants, Alicante emerges as a captivating destination in Spain, particularly appealing to expatriates seeking retirement abroad. Despite its modest population size, the town benefits from its own international airport, facilitating travel logistics. Drawing visitors from various parts of Europe and beyond, Alicante boasts predominantly warm temperatures year-round, with mild winters adding to its allure. The town’s charm lies in its array of delectable dining options, architectural marvels, and numerous hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Notably, Alicante is an ideal retirement haven in Spain owing to its sizable British expatriate community and widespread English proficiency among residents. Key attractions for retirees include the vibrant expat community, linguistic convenience, culinary delights, and cost-effectiveness.

Mallorca Island

Mallorca offers a serene escape from urban hustle with its island setting. Its scenic beauty, vibrant nightlife, diverse shopping options, bustling real estate, and sandy shores make it an ideal spot for retirees seeking tranquility and favorable weather to savor their retirement years.


Bilbao attracts a sizable population drawn to its cultural offerings like museums and modern infrastructure. This makes it an appealing option for those considering retirement in Spain. Nestled in the Basque region, it offers an alternative to beach living with its mild summers. Additionally, Bilbao boasts top-tier healthcare and vibrant English-speaking communities.

Costa Blanca

Known as the “white coast,” this destination attracts tourists from near and far with its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Renowned for fishing, resorts, historic town centers, and vibrant nightlife, it offers a little something for everyone. Many choose Costa Blanca for its tranquil environment, thanks to favorable weather conditions and limestone cliffs that are perfect for climbing.

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