Mexico is one of the most popular destinations in America and is the go-to for hundreds and thousands of tourists over the Summer. Here are a few of the best vacation spots to head to in Mexico this Summer season. 


Firstly, pack your high cut one piece swimsuits and sunscreen and head to Acapulco. Located on a bay bordering the Pacific Ocean, it is a popular spot for those looking to get a bit of fun in the sun over Spring Break and the Summer holidays. 

With sweeping mountains and fantastic surf, Acapulco is great for swimming, surfing, watersports, or simply enjoying a drink on the beach and watching the sunset.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is famed for its gorgeous beaches and lush, jungle-covered mountains surrounding it. Home to many ancient and colonial monuments and structures and a plethora of five-star hotels and resorts, this is the place to live in a lap of luxury.

When it comes to activities, there is one that reigns supreme: scuba diving. The beautiful water and collection of dive shops make this town the best place to explore all the creatures that you can find in the ocean. 

Playa del Carmen

Found on the Yucatan Peninsula and commonly referred to as just “Playa,” Playa del Carmen is an exceptionally lively town that was once a quiet fishing village but is now a hub for beach-goers and entertainment venues. 

If you want some fun and exploration in the water, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling. 


Cozumel is a beautiful, 30-mile-long island off the coast of Mexico. Famed for its exquisite natural beauty and breathtaking ocean views, it has been one of Mexico’s premier tourist destinations for many years now. 

With plenty to do for the entire family, Cozumel is packed with activities, sports, restaurants, bars, and a bustling nightlife. 


Tulum is loved by both locals and tourists due to two main things: its’ amazing beaches and its incredibly well-preserved ruins. A town with Caribbean beaches is nothing short of magical, and with plenty of spots to get away from the crowd, you can easily have a quiet vacation even during the busiest times. 

As for the ruins, Tulum is the last city built by the Mayans, and the town is packed with ruins from ancient times, giving you a great insight into how life was in this area all those years.


Finally, Cancun needs no introduction. Famous for its sandy white beaches, turquoise water, and lively nightlife, Cancun is popular amongst college students, couples, and families alike, thanks to its wide array of activities and sights. 

On the downside, Cancun does get a number of thunderstones over the Summer, but that also means that it tends to be a bit quieter. Hotels are often far more affordable, and the smaller crowds allow you to experience everything you want to do without much trouble. 

Mexico in the Summer

There are a few things you should remember before traveling to Mexico in the Summer to ensure you have the best possible holiday and an unforgettable time. 

Pack for the Weather

First off, Summer in Mexico is hot, very hot. If you are from a country that doesn’t get similar temperatures, you may be surprised by just how warm it gets. Because of this, it is essential to pack clothing that not only protects you from the sun’s rays, but keeps you cool as well. 

Footwear is imperative, but something as simple as sandals will do the job. You should also remember to pack, or at least buy, a hat, and a thin layer to wear at night if or when the temperatures become a bit cool. 


Summer is the busiest time for tourism in Mexico, and while there are countless hotels to choose from, you could struggle to find a room in the more popular areas. Because of this, book as far in advance as you can to save yourself any problems or disappointment. 


Mexico is very budget-friendly, especially if you are traveling from anywhere across Europe, the US, Australia, or New Zealand. Outside of the hotels and resorts, food and drinks are very cheap, and you can still have a very enjoyable and indulgent holiday without breaking the bank. 

Getting Around

Getting around anywhere is Mexico is easy, especially in the more popular tourist spots. You can find a taxi in a few minutes, and you can also rent a car or scooter if you want a bit more control over your travels. 


Unfortunately, Mexico isn’t the safest country, but that is no reason not to visit it. Many of the popular tourist spots are well-policed and relatively safe, and as long as you don’t wander off into the night, you will be fine. 
Like many other popular tourist spots, pickpocketing is fairly common; therefore, keep your essentials somewhere safe, such as in a backpack you can lock, or a waist bag, which means you can keep your eye on your belongings.

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