Smartphones have become essential equipment to enjoy a tourist trip fully. In addition to the ever more surprising performance in photography, you can take advantage of the many valuable apps during your travels.

These must-have travel apps in 2023

It can be hard to choose between many apps found in the Apple Store or Google Play. Below you can find a list of our favorite apps for travel:

Find a tourist guide with Freetour

Available on Android and iOS, Freetour offers you a connection service with volunteer guides in the region and country of your choice. It’s very easy to use: A few moments are enough to assimilate the functionalities provided by this application. It also allows you to discover nearby places and monuments. Of course, volunteering is compatible with a few thanks around a restaurant table, for example.

Take stock of boarding with MyTSA

Available on Android and iOS, MyTSA is a one-of-a-kind app. Indeed, it presents you with a lot of crucial information concerning the specificities of a particular airport or flight. Take, for example, the detailed list of eligible goods in your cabin bag.

Choose the best service with TripAdvisor

Available on Android and iOS for some time now, TripAdvisor enjoys indisputable popularity among many users. And this notoriety is legitimate. Briefly, this application allows you to access many relevant reviews and comments. Hotels, restaurants, local services… TripAdvisor is a timeless and essential application to enhance your trip in 2023.

Book at the best price with SkyScanner

Available on Android and iOS, SkyScanner has, in recent years, become a wise choice for booking a flight online. Indeed, this application can filter, sort, and display the best airline prices. Simple and efficient, SkyScanner can sometimes save several hundred dollars on last-minute trips while offering a second service dedicated to booking hotel rooms.

Track a flight live with FlightRadar24

Available on Android and iOS, Flightradar24 is a live flight-tracking app. Precise information such as speed, altitude, or even the expected terminal upon arrival. In other words, if you are waiting for the arrival of a loved one, this application will update you in real-time.

Choosing the perfect seat with SeatGuru

Who has never regretted the choice of a seat next to the toilet on a plane? Available on Android and iOS, SeatGuru lets you choose your seat by considering the opinions of other passengers. No need to ask about the type of aircraft you are going to take; SeatGuru will provide you with all the necessary information.

Find all your online services with a VPN

If you go to a remote area, it will be better to download all your content and applications to use them offline. Similarly, some sites may be unavailable in some countries.

The definition of a VPN will be particularly relevant in this situation. Indeed, the use of the virtual private network will allow you to modify your IP address and, therefore, your virtual location, as if you had never left your home country, for example.

But that’s not all: using a VPN for Canada also allows you to take advantage of other features. Do you want to use the public Wi-Fi networks of your hotel or at the airport? The VPN is your best ally because it sends your data through an encrypted tunnel, which no one can access.

As you will have understood, VPNs are the perfect tools to combine comfort and security during a tourist or professional trip abroad.

Getting around with Google Maps

Initially designed for Android smartphones, Google Maps has also been available on the App Store for years. If this application faces many competing models, it stands out thanks to its accessibility and compatibility in each country and region. Totally free, this application will become your best ally when traveling abroad. You can even use it in offline mode by downloading the maps of your choice before you leave.

Share your family budget with Tricount

Available on Android and iOS, Tricount is an application that allows you to easily share a vacation budget according to the criteria of your choice. In other words, this application is a non-negligible accounting aid where each expense will be considered. Perfect for holidays with family or friends!

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