Spain is an incredible country with lots to offer to those who flock there each year. From the vibrant beaches of the Costa del Sol to the thriving culture in Madrid, there’s something for everyone.

One thing that is often overlooked when booking a holiday is whether the location is safe. This is particularly an issue if you’re planning to travel solo or with a young family. In general, Spain is a very safe country for visitors. In this article, we’ll look at some of the safest cities and places in Spain and what makes them so great.


When it comes to safety, Madrid is an interesting place. Whilst it is a capital city that’s prone to pickpocketing, it’s actually a very safe city should you be careful with your belongings. Opting for a money belt or a zip-up bag is ideal for keeping your personal items safe when entering tourist zones.

Madrid has some of the best attractions in the whole of the world, so if you’re expecting to visit some of the many historical buildings and sites try to plan these in advance. Doing so means you know exactly where you’re going and can avoid certain areas.


Lanzarote is a beloved holiday destination, where you’ll likely experience no problems, so long as you pay the same attention as you would do when at home. The best things about Lanzarote include its volcano-clad landscapes and palm-tree-lined beaches.

Because the island is so popular, it tends to attract pickpockets; these are usually in the crowded markets or on the beach. Take care in busy areas and don’t leave your belongings on the table when in restaurants and bars. When staying in your accommodation, make sure to lock any valuables in a safe or keep them out of eyesight.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is underrated in Europe and one of the safest places to visit on holiday. Whilst everyone floods here for the sea and sun, the island is beautiful, featuring a diverse landscape and cave dwellings.

As it’s favoured by tourists, most of the locals speak fairly good English and are very friendly. There is also no ethnic or civil tension in Gran Canaria and due to the island’s remote location, is a while away from the rest of the world’s problems.

The only real concerns here are general travel risks that you’ll have come across before. Just remember to act safe and sensibly and avoid walking home late at night. You should also take care when swimming in the sea as sometimes the waves in the south can become choppy.

Some people decide to hire a car when on holiday here but the local traffic rules are slightly different than what you may be used to. To ensure you don’t find yourself getting into an accident, it would be beneficial to organise some Gran Canaria airport transfers instead. This way, you also avoid getting lost on the way to your accommodation!


Malaga is a large city located in the southern Spanish region of Andalucía. It is one of the most hospitable and tranquil locations in the whole of Europe, whilst still being well connected. The coastal city is best known for its incredible culture, cuisine and golden beaches.

Malaga is classed as very safe, with low levels of crime, natural disasters and risks to female travellers. Still, this doesn’t mean you should let your guard down: exercise caution around tourist landmarks and when on public transport.

When it comes to areas that aren’t as safe in Malaga, you should generally steer clear of El Palo, Trinidad, Cruz Verde street and Palma Palmilla. The latter has a particularly high crime rate and the buildings aren’t in a great state.

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