Whether you are someone in dire need of a vacation or an adventurer planning to travel to Japan, these few tips will be a great help to assist you on your journey. Japan is one of the most popular destinations due to its culture and traditional arts richness. It is also primarily known to be a welcoming and hospitable country. 

Before hopping on the plane, follow these tips to make your journey largely enjoyable:


This point is not to dictate how you should dress; to give you insight into how best to handle some probable situations. First and foremost, always check the weather forecast beforehand. Once you are sure you have the suitable clothing with you, you can worry about other things.

For example, even though Japan is a city that has good transport systems, some places can only be accessed on foot. If you decide to explore, a good pair of walking or running shoes or two should be with you.

One thing you’d notice in Japan is the common practice of people wearing masks. Interestingly, this is a practice that had been in existence even before the Covid 19 outbreak. The Japanese retain this practice to protect others from airborne diseases such as the flu, a cold, or asthmatic symptoms. It is advisable to be aware of and follow local norms; therefore, remember to bring disposable masks.

Carrying Important Documents

You packed, great! But it won’t matter if you don’t manage your travel documents properly. It is lawful to always carry your passport or resident card with you at all times, but it can also help you in situations where you need to identify yourself or even make purchases. So, make sure to check your passport and its validity date before you travel.

Your passport not might be always enough, so cross-check for the documents you’d need to travel to Japan. You can find a reliable consulate to confirm with.

Another important thing is to upload digital copies of your documents on an encrypted cloud storage. This way, even if you lose something, you can easily access your travel documents and present them if needed.  

Handling Money

A cashless policy is popular in many countries, yet you should have cash when you go to Japan. Many street sellers, traditional or small shop owners, accept cash only for transactions. You could quickly get some money from ATMs too, which are easy to find.

Another thing is the tipping. This might sound strange or new to you, depending on your country. In Japan, it is not a regular practice to tip people. It could even be seen as rude sometimes. Just ensure you enjoy the service being rendered to you.

Having Internet Access

Of course, detaching from social media and work when you are traveling should be a priority. However, you still need to have good internet access to stay in the loop or get guidance in case of necessity.

You could rent a SIM card or purchase a Wi-Fi egg, which can be personal or shared with others. Take note, though, that sharing with others makes the internet slower. Also, think about how much data you would need before purchasing.

Last but not least…

An extra piece of advice is to take note of the fact that Japan is a city that is teeming with tourists. Try to visit popular places early and also make plans for restaurants or vacation spots early enough. Also, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto are great places to visit in Japan, but other lesser-known places like Hiroshima or Hokkaido also carry a rich cultural history that you would appreciate. Happy traveling!

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