Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this city has one of the highest populations in the Middle East. A place that is known for its warm and welcoming people. It is also popular amongst foreigners for both business and fun. The weather in Dubai is extremely hot, although it is less hot between November and February. This place has tall buildings, resorts, shopping malls, and a bubbly nightlife.

This city has a rich tradition and delicious food. It also has lots of activities for a tourist. Dubai is a safe city, therefore, you can travel without fear of danger. Dubai, being in the Middle East, means that you are expected to wear modest clothes in certain areas. Avoid alcohol in some places. You’re allowed to drink at a hotel or your flat if you have one. Interested tourists can look at apartments for sale in Dubai, UAE.

Vacation in Dubai: Where to go

Dubai is no doubt very beautiful. There are many sights to see. There are also activities for tourists. Although the entire city is stunning, some places stand out. Visit any of these places while in Dubai:

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: This site is a favorite among sea lovers. It has one of the biggest, suspended aquariums in the world. There are over 140 sea animals to see. The underwater zoo allows you to do more than explore. You get to have a memorable experience with snorkeling, shark dives, and lots more.
  • Jumeirah Beach: This is a white sand beach. It is quite popular amongst beach lovers and families. It is located in the Jumeirah district and has a nice view of Dubai. There is no entry fee to this beach
  • The Desert Safari: Have you seen a desert? Do you wish to see if dunes are as pretty as they look in movies? Take your chance when you visit Dubai. This experience allows you to explore the golden sands of the desert. You will also enjoy camel rides and a hearty BBQ meal. It is sure to be a core memory for you.
  • Dubai Museum: The oldest structure in Dubai stands proud. This place teaches you about old Dubai. It was formerly a monarch base and a prison. The ticket fee for adults is AED 3. While for kids, it’s AED 1
  • Global Village: Its pavilions represent different countries. You can learn about diverse cultures here. You can also do some shopping. This place is a hub for entertainment. You can watch live concerts. Try food from all over the world here also.
  • Burj Khalifa: This structure is famous among tourists. Many travel to see its astounding height. This building is the tallest in Dubai and the world. It is for residential and commercial purposes. There are observation decks for viewing Dubai from the top. The view is truly unique.
  • Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark: This park is the biggest in the world. It is located in Atlantis Resort. It has over 105 exciting rides. If you love daring adventures, do not miss this waterpark.
  • Museum of the Future: Nobody knows what tomorrow holds but you can certainly have fun guessing. This place is designed to show what the world will be like in 50 years. The appeal of this museum is its structure and the attractions inside.
  • Dubai Garden Glow: This fantastic display of color opens around 4 pm. Flower-themed exhibits glow bright at night. The sight of it will wow you.

Buy an apartment in Dubai while touring 

It is normal, to want a souvenir from your experiences in Dubai. How about you roll a souvenir and investment into one by buying an apartment in Dubai? Although buying a flat in one of the most developed cities allows you to enjoy more of its luxury, you also get a holiday home for whenever you come back to Dubai. This way, your experience in Dubai won’t be a one-time thing but a yearly or even more frequent getaway.

In a forward country like Dubai, you might assume that getting a flat in Dubai as a tourist would either be impossible or tough and you would be wrong. Real estate in Dubai for foreigners is very straightforward as there are no laws against you getting a cozy home in the breathtaking city.

Once you open a savings account in the United Arab Emirates, you’re free to buy a property with the local currency. Just like that, you can be a proud home-owner on the picturesque island of Palm Jumeirah, close to the Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai, the beautiful Dubai Marina with its high-rise buildings, or any other part of Dubai you choose. Nothing stands in your way when you decide to have a piece of this unforgettable city.

Cost of Dubai apartments

Apartments are the most affordable properties in Dubai. Of course, the price range differs based on location within Dubai as well as the number of bedrooms. They are a popular choice amongst tourists since they’re widely available and relatively cheap. Read more on the official website –

On average, a 1-bedroom apartment costs 550,000 AED in Dubai, while a 2-bedroom flat can be gotten for 850,000 AED. While you can get an already furnished apartment, it is cheaper to buy an off-plan flat. Off-plan apartments are good for when you want time to save up for an apartment. For example, you can get a 2-bedroom off-plan flat for as low as 553,426 AED.

More than a summer break: own a home in Dubai 

Your reason for going to Dubai may be for a holiday. However, being in this city opens you up to an opportunity. Dubai offers the chance to become a homeowner easily. When visiting Dubai again, you won’t need to spend money on accommodation as you will already have your place.

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