Are you getting ready for a trip of a lifetime through Europe? If you’ve decided to backpack through the continent, then there may be some items you’ll forget. The prospect of trying to fit everything you own into a small bag is going to overwhelm you. So let’s make it easier for you. 

When backpacking through Europe the trick is to travel light but without leaving behind the essentials you’ll need to enjoy your trip. So we’ve produced the ultimate checklist so you know exactly what to pack and which items to leave behind. 

Universal Plug Adaptor 

Europe doesn’t have the same plug adaptors that the U.S. has. In fact, they have various types of outlets to charge electronics. You’ll need a universal plug adaptor to keep all your electronics charged. When you come across a different-looking outlet, your adaptor will come in handy.  

Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are small lightweight bags that allow you to keep all your belongings organized. You can also use them to compress your clothing so you have more space in your bag for other items like shoes or electronics. What’s more, packing cubes makes it easier for you to find all your items. 

Microfibre Towel

Some hostels in Europe don’t provide towels for guests. If these places do provide towels you may not be able to leave the hostel with them if you want to swim in a lake or swimming pool. It’s always best to bring your own towel, preferably one made from microfiber material. These towels are absorbent and they dry fast. 

International SIM Card

When backpacking through Europe it’s important to stay connected so you can call family at home if there’s an emergency. You’ll also need your smartphone if you want to look up important information about the area you’re in. For this, you’ll need an international SIM card. 

Most phone companies provide international SIM cards that will allow you to make calls and connect to the internet. With this SIM you can avoid expensive roaming charges. 

Rain Jacket

In some parts of Europe, it can get extremely cold and damp. You want to keep yourself and your belongings dry when it rains. Unfortunately, you can’t lug around an umbrella everywhere you go. So we recommend packing a lightweight rain jacket to keep you warm and dry on rainy days.  

Travel Locks 

Although backpacking through Europe is safe it’s also best to take some precautions. To keep your belongings safe you should take travel locks with you. Use locks that can lock the zippers of your bags and cupboards at hostels. Consider using combination locks so you don’t have to carry keys with you.  

A Large Water Bottle 

If you plan on doing long hikes through parts of Europe you’ll need to stay hydrated. Pack a large stainless steel water bottle for your trip. Avoid glass and plastic because they can break easily. You can pour any liquids inside stainless steel bottles like coffee, juice, and water. 

Eye Mask and Earplugs 

There may be some accommodations in Europe that are extremely noisy. You may also have to deal with bright street lights that curtains don’t shut out. To keep you comfortable while you sleep, consider packing an eye mask to shut out light and earplugs to block noise. 

First Aid Kit 

Accidents can happen when you’re traveling. You may accidentally bang your knee while hiking or get stung by a bug. Travel with a small first aid kit with bandaids, ointments, bandages, and creams in case of an emergency.  

Lightweight Shopping Bag 

You may need to do light shopping when you’re traveling through Europe. You’ll need bags to carry your items. To protect the environment and minimize your use of waste, you should take a lightweight reusable shopping bag with you. 

A Small Laundry Bag

During your stay in Europe, it’s always best to wear some of your clothes twice. But there may be situations where you’ve spilled food on your shirt or splashed mud on your pants. Take a laundry bag with you to avoid mixing your clean clothes with your dirty ones. 

Small Flashlight

There may be a situation during your journey where you have to navigate dimly lit areas. A small flashlight will come in handy when you need to read maps in the dark or find items in your backpack if the power goes out. 

Final Thoughts 

Backpacking through Europe can be stressful if you don’t have the right items with you. Ideally, you want your trip to be pleasant and fun. Make sure you’re prepared and don’t forget all the essential items we’ve listed in this post. 

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